Transport and freight

in Poland and in Europe

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Freight Carriage International

Your time is what matters. Being specialists in the transport business, we know that the Client values reliability and deadlines equally. We guarantee that your freight will be delivered to a designated place on time and intact.


Please find below the documentation of the company – insurance and policies necessary for conducting our business activity. They prove our reliability and professionalism that are indispensable for providing the highest level of services to our Clients.

Carrier’s Civil Liability Insurance Policy (OCP)

This policy is a civil liability insurance of the carrier and it guarantees the possibility to receive compensation for the non-performance or improper performance of the transport agreement (including, among others, theft, delivery delays or freight damage). The insurance is optional, but as the company values high the interest and comfort of its Clients, it has concluded the OCP policy agreement with an insurance company.

Insurance fee

The following scans of fees are to assure you that all of our policies are paid, binding and valid.


Potential, possibilities

The motto that accompanies us unceasingly is: „What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” - Napoleon Hill

Satisfaction of our Clients creates our goodwill

To meet the Client’s needs, we also arrange customs clearance. Our company cooperates with other carriers and freight forwarding companies, what guarantees swift and smooth transport, meeting the Clients expectations most optimally. Should you have and comments or suggestions which could help to enhance the complex services offered by our company - feel free to get in touch with us.